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Our environmentally friendly flooring, fences and other products exported to foreign countries are easy to install, easy to use and low in maintenance costs.
Wide range of applications to meet installation conditions in a variety of environments.
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Product Sales

Comfortable Decoration WPC products have gradually been in the forefront of the world, WPC products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, India, Germany, Spain, Finland and Australia.

Product Features

Our composite decorative products are affordable, durable, easy to install, easy to maintain, good weather resistance, and can use 10 times the life of ordinary wood. Shape, color and size can be adjusted according to customer's requirement.


Comfortable Decoration The supplier of composite floor has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification. It has successfully passed the tests of national building materials bureau, American ASTM standard and CE safety requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wood-plastic composites are made from natural materials such as 55% natural wood fiber and 33% polypropylene. Products of various shapes and colors can be produced. The products are durable, uv resistant, waterproof, mildew proof, convenient to assemble and easy to clean.
It can be used for terrace, swimming pool, balcony, courtyard, garden, terrace, exterior design, etc. It can be used effectively on pavements, piers, railings or panel sections in coastal environments.
Wood plastic wood has all the quality of wood, but wood products without defects: durable, stable, no warping, no debris, no discoloration, with sun, ice, rainproof functions. WPC's polymer composition makes it more resistant to seawater and saltwater erosion. In addition, it ACTS as a protective layer to prevent the proliferation of fungi and mold. Finally, the composites are maintenance-free, paint and 100% recyclable.
Synthetic teak decking material, looks and feels like real teak, but won't bother with the maintenance of traditional wood teak. The decorative effect is very beautiful, lasts for a long time and is basically maintenance-free. It is extruded with the highest quality materials and high quality UV stabilizers and colorants to give you the perfect personalization.
On this note, this is where vinyl fencing stands apart from wood and ornamental. PVC fencing will last a lifetime. You may see the fence lose a little sheen over time.

Wood Plastic Products Custom Made


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